Choose Pest Control Solutions That Deliver Long Term Protection

Rat control Seattle may seem like an easy task but is difficult to handle on its own. The ideal way get rid of rats in your house, apartment, office, property is to seek help from our professionals. We employ safe and environment friendly rat prevention strategies. Our rat exterminators correct the structural problems that have allowed these pests into your home. A thorough inspection of the property or home is done to identify rodent entry points and the trapping system is installed. Rodent-proof materials are used to repair your home and all rodent waste is removed. Infected areas are sanitized and exterior protection systems prevent re-infestation. Our effective rodent control and prevention plan involves trapping out the existing population of rodents, removing contaminated nesting material to break the residual scent trail and treating with a disinfectant. We modify the building to resist re-infestation. Utilizing prevention strategies is an effective way for rat control Seattle.


Our pest exterminators Seattle specialize in removal of nuisance wildlife from residential and commercial properties. Pest prevention involves methods and techniques that minimize the environmental impact. Our exterminators eliminate pest-friendly conditions and support the sustained viability of your business, home or property. We are committed to providing you the most effective ecologically safe services. We find the root cause of the problem that is attracting pests towards your property. We seal holes or openings at the roof line so as to provide you with permanent solution. Our exterminators identify and repair the damages that these animals may have caused. The same local technician will see your pest control problem with the greatest of attention to detail and offering highest quality customer service. Our work is backed up with a guarantee.


The local technicians work in your area 7 days a week and offer you quick and reliable services. Our exclusive pest prevention programs protect the health, property and reputations of your commercial business. Contact us for scheduling a free pest control estimate.

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