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At Am/pm Exterminators Inc, we use techniques to make your home a less attractive place for large animals to dwell. Our pest control in Kent services aim at making your home animal-free without any nuisance, guilt or safety issues. There are several common household pests that can enter your home in a variety of ways. Ants, bees, spiders, mice and other pests can enter through small cracks in floors or around windows and doors. Our pest control services can effectively deal with any pest problems you may have been experiencing in domestic home or commercial premises. The treatment is hassle free and safe for the occupants. We have implemented advanced technology in pest control, empowered by resourceful and experienced professionals. The licensed and bonded exterminator helps you to get rid your home or office of annoying and potentially dangerous pests.


We are a Kent based pest control company that provide professional and friendly pest control Kent services by highly trained pest control technicians. We specialize in providing complete pest management solutions, preventing and monitoring rodents, flying and crawling insects and urban birds. We remove the food, water and shelter of pests that have a significant impact on controlling pest populations. We employ appropriate chemical control measures that ensure a long lasting and significant impact.


At Am/pm exterminators, we are dedicated to providing the most effective ecologically safe pest exterminators in Issaquah to help you get rid of annoying and potentially dangerous pests. Our exterminators adhere to local, state and federal laws and regulations. Our employees are licensed pesticide applicators through the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Our highly qualified and skilled exterminators in Issaquah have earned a respectable reputation in the industry. Whether it is your home, office, garden or sports ground that is affected by pests, our services are comprehensive and provide long term protection from pests.


Call us today for any pest control assistance and we will be happy to assist you in protecting your home or office with the most effective pest management services.

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